Margaret Honda                                                                  
4366 Ohio Street Living Room, 2012

4366 Ohio Street Living Room is the fifth in a projected series of eleven prints that comprise the larger work 4366 Ohio Street, a full-scale reconstruction of my childhood home in Southern California. Initiated in 2004, this project is ongoing until the house referred to in the title is completed. To date, the series has taken on the form of multiple print editions, each reproducing one room and published as an insert or as pages within a catalogue or periodical. The conditions of a specific publication determine an edition’s size, printing method,dimensions, paper, and color. An edition is developed by dividing a room’s surface area—walls, ceiling, and floor—into a grid with hundreds or even thousands of cells of equal size. The dimensions and total number of the cells are calculated so that a single cell is contained in each copy of the publication. An edition consists of individual prints of these cells at 1:1 scale, accompanied by a diagram of the room in which every cell has been assigned a different number. Each print bears a hand stamped number corresponding with that of a cell in the diagram, designating its specific location in the room’s construction. Both the number and singular placement make each print unique.
If all the prints for a room were assembled according to the diagram they would form a sculpture of that room, but this is an unlikely event. The prints are dispersed as part of the publication’s normal distribution process, causing them to be owned by people who in most cases are unknown to me or to each other. The closer I get to finishing the house, the more fragmented it becomes, structurally and geographically. The work, which someday will be complete in principle, can never be completed in fact–that is, assembled into a whole all of whose elements are present at once. 

My parents never owned the house, but rented it for nearly 30 years. The house still stands today, having sold most recently in 1999.